Emergency Freedom Alerts: 6-27-22-Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • Eliana Brooks is a 15-year survivor of Child Sex Trafficking and she tells her horrific story & How CPS and Foster Care Are a Vital Part of This Satanic System
  • Demolition of supply chains is pre-civil war SABOTAGE to shape the battlefield for domestic WARFARE against We the People
  • Diesel engine oil OUTAGE ALERT – Unless Something Radically Changes The Entire National Supply of Diesel Engine Oil Will Be WIPED OUT in 4 – 8 weeks until 2023!! EXCLUSIVE RESEARCH: Diesel engine oil additive manufacturers that have declared Force Majeure or experienced disrupted operations in 2022–Is this another planned genocide of our economy and food and everything else.
  • Government Issued Starvation: Grain Shortages, Farms Going Up In Flames
  • ‘We’re Barely Making It’: Furious Farmer Goes Viral Explaining Why Food Prices ‘Are Going To Go Up’: US farmer sentiment plummeted in May – as producers have become anxious about their farm’s financial health. 
  • On a ranch in the southwest of the state of Kansas alone, more than 3,000 cattle suddenly fell dead last weekend. According to the farmers, there is no plausible explanation for this mass extinction Cases like this are accumulating in the USA. 
  • Mass CATTLE deaths send shockwaves through food supply as speculation rises: Are they being poisoned on purpose?
  • Another Food Processing Plant Erupts In Flames, The 97th Suspicious Event Since Start of 2021
  • You do not need the expensive survival food get rice, beans and canned goods
  • STOCKS, BONDS, CRYPTO and REAL ESTATE: The whole house of cards is coming down
  • Top Headlines On The US Economy
  • They’re Pulling The Plug!

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 6-27-22

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