Emergency Freedom Alerts: 6-12-23-Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • A Christian Asked AI about the Second Coming of Jesus, and its Response Left Him Stunned!
  • Military whistleblower says US has recovered dead alien pilots from craft of non-human origin
  • WHISTLEBLOWER: Alien Spacecraft In US Military Possession
  • TWELVE Alien Craft In US Possession Per Multiple Whistleblowers
  • Las Vegas Police Capture Live UFO Sighting On Bodycam With Locals Claiming They Saw ‘8ft-10ft High Aliens’ Walking About Freely Through Their Backyard
  • ‘100% they’re not human,’ Witness details alleged alien encounter in Las Vegas
  • Witch publishes WaPo piece claiming ‘dangerous’ Christians are harassing wiccan festivals—The Witch Starr Ravenhawk claims that Christians see themselves ‘at war’ with her fellow witchesAccording to 1 John 3:8 “For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.”

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 6-12-23

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