Emergency Freedom Alerts: 5-6-24-Part 1

Table of Contents:

  • Updated Group Prayer–List of Current Event Prayer Points–Part 2
  • R. 6090 Overwhelmingly Passes Congress–Share–Will the New Testament be Banned in America? This is Satanically Insane
  • The Freemasonic Devil Chapel Where the Washington DC Politicians Pray at “every morning”–Does anyone really think another election is going to solve this mess? If so let me introduce you to evangelical House Speaker Mike Johnson who helped pass a bill that could potentially make telling the story of Jesus’s crucifixion illegal
  • Think George Washington and all the founding fathers were all Christians–Think again
  • Scott Johnson’s Teachings: The Masonic History of George Washington September 9th 2006 & The Shocking Truth About the U.S. Capital Washington D.C. & the Faith of the “Founding Fathers” of America–Parts 1-3
  • GEORGE WASHINGTON’S CORRESPONDENCE–Did George Washington Tell a Lie?
  • The Palestinian’s (for the most part) are so unhinged/savage even the other Muslim countries do not want them as they learned the hard way from previously trying to assimilate them–But Biden is going to make sure to bring as many of them as possible to America
  • AI COUP: Geo-Fencing AI Systems Now Taking Control of Cars, Phones and YOU– Geo-Fencing Added to Car Software! Can Shutdown Car if you drive too far, too long, or where government doesn’t want you!

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 5-6-24

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