Emergency Freedom Alerts: 5-3-21-Part 1

Table of Contents:

  • Current Event Prayer Points
  • Massive Public Christ Hating, Satanic, Perverted, Rituals Celebrated Right Out In the Open–Mass Demon Possession–What the H*** is happening in Tasmania?
  • Satanic Demon Possessed Catholic Pope hangs image of nude Jesus caressing Judas behind his desk–‘One of the most blasphemous and ungodly images’
  • Creepy Joe Biden’s Border: Eighteen Wheelers Unloading Migrants & Drugs, ‘Cartels Having a Field Day’–“There’s no one watching!” one smuggler says–“They’re just bum-rushing the border–Probably three-quarters of them are getting away” says CBP agent–DPS Insider Leaks Report-Suspected Yemeni Terrorist Tracked and Apprehended Near Southern Border
  • Total WAR on FOOD targeting ranchers to outlaw all forms of meat, including cattle and backyard chickens
  • Beast Banking System ATM Getting Ready To Come Online
  • Devastating Drought: Texas Farmers Say 2021 Drought Already Rivals 2011
  • “It’s About To Get Much Worse” Supply Chains Imploding!
  • Supply Chains Implode As “Price Doesn’t Even Matter Anymore”
  • Current Event Headlines
  • Best Price and Quality—Revive Immunity Boost Essential Oil Blend–Immunity Boost–Another Version of Young Living Thieves
  • Covid swabs and masks appear to contain “hooks” and strange fibers that can be inhaled directly into the lungs
  • The Covid Swab is a delivery system–Testing the “Test”… How it looks … what it does to your body–What are the black twitching fibers on the swabs?!
  • Big Pharma’s Rape of all Mankind–Proven-The Nano Fibers Imbedded in the Facemasks Are Designed to be Inhaled into Your Body & They Move on Their Own!!!!

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 5-3-21

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