Emergency Freedom Alerts: 4-22-24-Part 3

Table of Contents:

  • Why Are They Trying so Hard to Convince Us People Who Are Seeing Black-Eyed Demon Faces Have a “Disorder” known as Prosopometamorphopsia or PMO ?
  • New video from a Christian delivery driver, and it appears that he is very honestly trying to share what he experienced… He Claims to of saw a black eyed Demon Faced man who was his customer
  • What Alice Bailey predicted for the year 2025 in her occult channeled book (that is considered a key guide to the New Age): The Title “Externalization of the Hierarchy” is their goal; meaning the new agers/occultists/luciferians (that run this world) are actively trying to bring about the day when their masters(who they say are ascended masters<<or the hierarchy) are ‘externalized” meaning not hidden anymore. According to Baily that will be in the year 2025, almost 70 years after this book was published in 1957
  • This next video is from a woman that recently encountered someone with completely black eyes at the grocery store…
  • Listener Comment: Think I found something here….From the movie “They live”.  “The world will be under the protection of this power alliance by the year 2025”. 
  • Listener Comment–His movie “ They Live ” Roddy Piper said: was not a movie but a documentary–Shortly after he said that he was dead. You can see his actual tweets below at the link I posted Plus a point about the movie: The Book of Eli
  • Apocalyptic strange sounds heard again in Slovakia
  • Bible Verses Regarding Spiritual Warfare and Engaging the Enemy
  • Black Shadow Demon Filmed After Australian Emmanuel Mar Mari Church Attack–stay prayed up family
  • Demonic Jinn Shadow People: US Military Encounters at Iraq’s Tower of Babel
  • Have US Military Confronted Djinn in the Middle East?
  • The Sixth Trumpet Judgment & The Four Evil Angels which are bound in the Great River Euphrates & The Army from the East

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 4-22-24

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