Emergency Freedom Alerts: 4-12-21-Part 3

Table of Contents:

  • Fast Fence: This Company is Helping the Government Persecute Christians In Canada
  • Nanny State Police (who sold their sold to Satan) giving out multiple $1550.00 tickets to those OUTSIDE not wearing the Covid Face Diaper/Hijab Coverings & threaten protesters with JAIL at Quebec City anti-lockdown protest
  • Conservative politicians are all talk–no action on GraceLife Church shutdown
  • EMERGENCY — EMERGENCY — EMERGENCY–50 heavily armed police just raided the hotel where our Rebel News reporters were staying in Montreal & Arrested them!!!
  • Pastor Forced Police Out of Parish–Faces Nearly $1 Million in Fines For COVID SCAMdemic”Violations”
  • Biden Joins The U.N. In Calling For Global Vaccine Passports–The Great Reset is here!
  • Number One Report On Drudge–More SCAMdemic Lies to Justify the Never Ending Lockdowns and Kill Shots–PFIZER Covid Vaxx CAN’T STOP S.AFRICA STRAIN–“Study” Shows The Covid Vaccinated Have a 800% Higher Infection Rate of the New Covid S.AFRICA Variant Than Its Prevalence in the Unvaccinated Population!!!!! Obviously this is happening because the kill shots are infested with this new Covid “variant” and spreading it just like we have been predicting!!!
  • 1997 ‘Mark of the Beast’ Satire–Predicts Cashless Society & Fake Churches
  • Child Molester-In-Chief Creepy Joe Biden Pledges to Destroy America’s “Racist” Highways While China Unveils Plan to Administer Global Vaccine Passports–China To Be in Charge of the Coming Smartphone QR Vaccine System

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 4-12-21

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