Emergency Freedom Alerts: 4-12-21-Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • Americans Last: NY Dems & Gov Cuomo Approve Giving Illegal Immigrants A One Time Payment Of Up To $15,600!!!! Your Tax Dollars at Work!!!
  • WHAT!? Biden Stimulus Checks For Citizens In Central America…
  • Biden’s $2-Trillion “American Jobs Plan” Will Kill Jobs, Raise Taxes, and Enforce Green New Deal Policies
  • Word of the Year: Ineptocracy
  • Tech Companies Put Billions Into Startups Aiming to Harvest the Blood of Children for Rejuvenation, Anti-Aging
  • Listener Comment: Covid Vaccinated TAINTED BLOOD SUPPLY
  • Film: Primum Non Nocere – First do no Harm – Blood Transfusion Warning! What are the long term implications of receiving other peoples’ DNA or receiving chromosomes from the opposite sex after a blood transfusion?
  • “Adrenochrome” The Elite’s Super Blood Drink–READ WITH CAUTION “Confidential” LEAKED United States Army Special Medical Corp Documentation–Kidnapping Young Children to Torture – Extract Their Blood and KILL Them–YOUNG CHILDREN’S BLOOD is a BIG BUSINESS– WHERE ARE ALL THE YOUNG MISSING CHILDREN GOING?
  • VIDEO: ADRENOCHROME The Elite’s Super Drug
  • Court Statements That The Elite Torture Children & Drink Their Adrenalized Blood IE: Adrenochrome – At Least 8 Million Children Disappear Every Year Worldwide!!
  • BOMBSHELL: Disposable Blue & Gray Face Masks Found to Contain Toxic, Asbestos-Like Substance that Destroys Lungs
  • Moving Black Strings On Masks & Swabs: Parasites? Morgellons? Worm-Like Micelles For Drug Delivery?
  • Target sells woke prayer book: “Dear God, please help me to hate White people.”
  • While Militarizing Area Around GraceLife Church at Church Barricaded by RCMP for Breaking Alberta COVID SCAMdemic Rules—Alberta Police Ignore Large Islamic Pagan Mosques Meeting Regularly

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 4-12-21

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