Emergency Freedom Alerts: 4-12-21-Part 1

Table of Contents:

  • Another Flat Earther Adherent Tells Scott Johnson To Stop Deceiving My Listeners About How Obviously the Earth is Flat—Plus My Response
  • The Flat Earth Theory Examined–Parts 1-4 By Dr. Scott Johnson
  • Flat Earthers strike out again by failing to grasp the phenomenon of gravity, elliptical orbits and acceleration
  • How Donald “Don the Con” Trump Fleeced His Own Supporters Out Of Hundreds Of Millions & is Laughing All The Way to the Bank!!!!
  • InfoWars Crew Catches Catholic “Charity” Smuggling Migrant Children
  • With Baby In-Tow-Mexican Catholic “Charity” Human Smuggler (with TWO large Santa Muerte ‘Angel of Death’ Cartel Tattoos) Confronted At Airport–Child Smugglers Caught At Texas Border

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 4-12-21

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