Emergency Freedom Alerts: 3-1-21-Part 3

Table of Contents:

  • Democrats Accelerate President Harris Plans
  • As Left Creates Ways To Justify Their Own Rampant Lawlessness, The Gathering Storm To Usher In The End Of America Continues To Grow With Much Worse To Come As Globalists Seek To Completely Shut Down Our Once Free Society
  • The Biden BLOWOUT and the final looting of America
  • Current Event Headlines
  • Bombshell–The CDC is being sued for Covid fraud The Flu is being called Covid-19!!!!!! Covid-19 is a total SCAM!!!!!
  • The CDC is now grouping pneumonia, influenza (the flu), and Covid-19 deaths together as “PIC”! While discontinuing reporting on influenza hospitalizations because supposedly “the number is too low” despite being in the middle of the flu season!!! But the clear reason the flu numbers are “too low” are because all flu cases are being counted as Covid-19!!!!!! Total Satanic Insanity!!!!!
  • Just Amazing and Totally “Coincidental”: UK Health Authorities: Not a Single Case of Flu Detected This Year — The Flu Has VANISHED from Earth
  • C-D-C Admits to the FDA: NO such thing as C-o-v-i-d-19
  • FDA: COVID-19 VIRUS Has NEVER Been Isolated–They have never–not once–isolated the virus for which they have shut down the United States economy and through which they have denied tens of millions of Americans their most basic freedoms
  • Door-to-door vaccinations via the National Guard are starting in Texas!!!
  • Utopia TV Series Predicted Faking a Pandemic So the Government Could Force Mandatory Vaccines That End up Sterilizing the all Those who Receive Them!!!
  • Listener Comment: Vaccine Praise with Mount Vernon Heights Congregational Church Senior Pastor Reverend Troy DeCohen
  • Biden Gives $4 BILLION to WHO and Bill Gates for Global COVID Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 3-1-21

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