Emergency Freedom Alerts: 2-20-23-Part 1

Table of Contents: 

  • Another Strong Delusion Lie: Is it the End of the World As We Know It | “3 Days of Darkness” Coming
  • Catholic Prophecy Three Days and Nights of Darkness Exposed
  • Listener Comment: Catholic Delusion Prophecy–Three Days and Nights of Darkness
  • Catholicism Exposed!
  • Catholic Priest Child Molestors
  • The Satanic Catholic Death Cult has slaughter an estimated 68 million from 1200-1808—Many of them true Christians! 
  • A County Taken by Christians
  • Davos Agenda To Destroy Sovereign Nations: Globalists Weaponize Immigration to Destroy Opposition
  • Listener Comment: Digital ID–Thought this might be insightful–Internet access will soon only be possible with the digital ID
  • Major Internet Influencers Says: Few Are Talking About Electric Car Deaths, So I Have to
  • New Study on Electric Car Deaths Shocks the Entire Car Industry

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 2-20-23

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