Emergency Freedom Alerts: 2-19-24-Part 1

Table of Contents:

  • Scott Johnson’s 3 Part Teaching: The Occult Roots of Abortion–Planned Parenthood/Margaret Sanger Exposed–Vaccines Derived From Aborted Babies+ Plus Bible Verses on Child Sacrifice
  • Planned Parenthood’s Overwhelmingly “Christian” Clergy Advisory Board says the abortion mill/industry “Is doing God’s work”
  • Massacre of Innocence–Exposing The Occult Roots of Abortion
  • 73,000,000 Abortions Happen Worldwide Each Year
  • Bible Verses–Do Not Love the World
  • Ohio Megachurch Performs Annual Super Bowl Themed Service—Woman “Pastor” Kicks Bible Across Stage Like Football & Commits Blasphemy in Numerous Other Ways

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 2-19-24

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