Emergency Freedom Alerts: 2-12-24-Part 1

Table of Contents:

  • Updated Group Prayer–List of Current Event Prayer Points–Part 2
  • ‘Transformation Church’ pastor trashes stage, destroys Bible and communion elements–Part of a blasphemous sermon illustration
  • Blood Sacrifice Ritual at Grammys as Olivia Rodrigo Smears Blood on Face, Walls Leak Blood During ‘Vampire’ Song while Taylor Swift was seen in the audience dancing along to the bloodletting performance!
  • The Current LOCATION of Satan’s Throne (Talked About in Revelation 2) & BIBLE PLACES | Pergamos AKA Pergamum
  • The Seat of Satan: Pergamum / Hitler / Nazi Germany
  • The Throne of Satan mentioned in Revelation 2 was moved from Pergamos Turkey to Berlin Germany in the 1800’s and later WWI & WW2 came & also brought the Holocaust
  • The Conspiracy Surrounding Hitler and The Sphere Of Destiny / Longinus

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 2-12-24

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