Emergency Freedom Alerts: 12-28-20-Part 3

Table of Contents:

  • Mouthpiece of Satan, HELL BOUND, Hireling, Baptist ‘Pastor’ Robert Jeffress Praises X-mas Vaccine as “a Gift from God!!!!” on “Lou Dobbs Tonight”
  • “Trying To Get The H*** Out” – Emergency Lockdown In London Triggers Mass Exodus
  • Listener Health Care Worker Comment: The Total Inaccuracy of Covid-19 Tests & No Testing For Influenza Now To Drive-Up the Fake Covid Case Total
  • Confirmation From Another Health Care Worker Regarding the Non Testing For Influenza Now
  • A Satanic Miracle!!!! According to Official CDC Statistics In Michigan (With an almost identical pattern in all other states) there has been a 96% Reduction in Influenza (Flu) This year!!! What there not telling you, is this is because they rarely test for Influenza anymore and classify everything as Covid-19!!!!
  • Listener Comment: Another nurse testifying of blood clots
  • Listener Comment: Another testimony of blood clots in hospital patients
  • FDA: COVID-19 VIRUS Has NEVER Been Isolated–They have never–not once–isolated the virus for which they have shut down the United States economy and through which they have denied tens of millions of Americans their most basic freedoms
  • Employers can bar unvaccinated employees from the workplace, EEOC says – CBS News
  • University of Miami COVID-19 Researchers: ‘To Protect Fertility, Some Men May Want to Consider Freezing Their Sperm Prior to Vaccination’
  • Watch: Austrian MP Tests Cola for Covid-19 – Yields Positive Result–‘The corona tests are worthless!’
  • Vaccine Whistleblower Found Dead After Saying She’d Never Commit Suicide….Brandy Vaughan exposed Big Pharma’s corruption on Infowars numerous time since 2015 
  • New Jersey: Gov. Murphy Says ‘Rate Of Noncooperation With Contact Tracers Now Up To Whopping 74%
  • Second Major California Sheriff Openly Refuses to Enforce Newsome’s Lockdown and Rules!
  • See how the local newspapers in NC are just part of the huge Covid-19 brainwashing/propaganda plan to demonize those against the Covid Agenda and its Kill Shot
  • CVS Serving Satan Well!!!–Help us with this very important mission to hire our COVID-19 vaccine support team
  • World’s Largest Vaccine Maker Sues Trial Volunteer Who Alleged Side Effects
  • A participant in a COVID-19 vaccine trial has been sued for $13.5 million for defamation.
  • Chief Medical Officer Says Canadians Who Refuse Vaccine Won’t Have ‘Freedom to Move Around’

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 12-28-20

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