Emergency Freedom Alerts: 12-25-23-Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • Some Military Teams With Occult Abilities are Being Sent to Awaken The Giants in Stasis
  • Emergency Freedom Alerts: 2-13-23-Part 2 By Scott Johnson | February 13, 2023–Table of Contents: Giants Emerging Everywhere – They Can’t Hide ThisStrong Delusion–According To Top High Level New Agers: 7 Sleeping Anunnaki Giants Scientists are Awakening To Enlighten Humanity To Bring Us To A “New Golden Age”!Listener Comment: Nephilim Architecture…. yes, they are probably looking for ancient Nephilim technology–but I also believe they are trying to raise these Nephilim–They will be the first ones sorry when they do–…Biblical Giants ALIVE on the Solomon Islands | Nephilim
  • Parts 7 & 8 – Mega Study – Strong Delusion – Wickedness Increasing – Alien UFO Disclosure Agenda – Evil Giants Waking – CERN – Nephilim – Ascended Masters–By Scott Johnson | September 14, 2015 Table of Contents: Sleeping giants in stasis chambers ready to awaken – whistleblower claims
  • Listener Comment: Giant seen in Thailand (and around the world in last few weeks)
  • A GIANT Spotted In Thailand | ANOTHER Person Films A GIANT | The Nephilim Are Coming–Plus Biblical Look at Goliath’s Armor
  • ANOTHER Person Encounters a GIANT | Quartzville Oregon Giant Door
  • TROLL Movie Trailer (2022): Deep in the Dovre mountain, something gigantic wakes up after a thousand years in captivity–PREPPING GLOBAL POPULATIONS FOR THEIR RETURN! 
  • He Films a GIANT (Nephilim??) Then Goes Missing, then Tragedy Happens | National Park
  • Listener Comment–Animals Coming Out of the Forests–As someone who lived next to a national forest this is not normal at all, in my humble opinion

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 12-25-23

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