Emergency Freedom Alerts: 12-11-23-Part 1

Table of Contents:

  • Updated Group Prayer–List of Current Event Prayer Points–Part 2
  • Report: CIA Routinely Obtains UFO Wreckage & Intact Vehicles, Transfers Ownership To Private Parties
  • More than 10,000 illegal aliens are crossing the U.S. southern border every day, according to reports.
  • This is why they’re INVADING America, it all makes sense now—Replacement Invasion–Senator Dick Durbin proclaims Illegals to get a new path to citizenship if they are willing to fight and die for America—Our new US military about to be totally taken over with foreigners (many fighting age Chinese males) that despise the average American citizen
  • BOMBSHELL: Did San Francisco Just Round Up/ Exterminate All The Homeless People?! How’d They VANISH?
  • The Biden FCC Quietly Passes Bipartisan Broadband Access Anti-Discrimination Law That Takes Over The Internet, allows them to totally micromanage American’s and business’s internet services in the name of ‘equity.’ 
  • Look at the Titanic Lies ‘The Drudge Report’ Puts Out! The economy has probably never been worse since the great depression and they are letting illegals pour in by the thousands every day, finding a decent job is almost impossible (I say this from multiple firsthand reports), the homeless population of ‘legal’ Americans is growing exponentially, banks are going down like flies but according to Drudge things have never been better!!!
  • There was never a Pandemic in 1918 (Spanish Flu) or in 2020 (Covid)–This was all engineered (via a death vaxx) by the Elite to bring about Eugenics (getting rid of or murdering those who the Elite felt were unfit to be kept alive & they did so (in both Pandemics) through deadly vaccines–In both scenarios of 1918 and 2020, this was an experiment to rid the world of tens of millions of people ……. EUGENICS or (DEPOPULATION)
  • Scott Johnson’s Comment: Yes this is further confirmation for the basis of my original Avian Flu presentation back in 2006: Watch at: Avian Flu/Pandemics: What to Expect & How to Prepare (1-16)
  • Triple the death vaxxes for the coming “Tripledemic” for the sake of $cience–Big Pharma and Big Government link up for a Preplanned Winter ‘Tripledemic’ sales spree!
  • New York’s FORCED QUARANTINE CAMPS Take Effect! The Rise Of Hochul’s Tyrannical Health Dictatorship
  • The Vaxxed ‘Walking Dead’ Dropping Like Flies In 2024 Ensures Medical Tyranny – The Globalists Create The ‘Problem,’ ‘The Public’ Cries For ‘A Solution’: Forced Vaxxes & Death Camps 
  • Trumps One Time Lawyer Alan Dershowitz & Good Buddies With Jeffery Epstein Implicated In Unsealed Ghislaine Maxwell Documents

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 12-11-23

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