Emergency Freedom Alerts: 11-8-21-Part 1

Table of Contents:

  • Updated Group Prayer–List of Current Event Prayer Points
  • Russ Dizdar Exposes The Amish & Mennonites—In Many Instances They Actually Rape and SELL Their Own? They are cults that give off the facade of being real Christians!
  • Listener Comment: You may have heard that Shelly Dizdar (Who is Russ Dizdar wife) passed away–I read they were both put on ventilators
  • Fertilizer shortage engineered for global starvation–2022 harvest will be decimated
  • EMERGENCY REPORT: Nanoparticles to Contaminate Entire Food Supply Under Guise of Food Safety
  • Exosquad Cartoon From 1993 Season 1, Episode 5 “Resist!” – Implantable RFID Chips for the New World Order
  • Church hangs banner–blood of Christ won’t save you from Covid
  • Christians must fight! (Step 2 of Christian Resistance)
  • I Was Fired From My Teaching Job for Refusing to Get Vaccinated — As a Christian Here’s How I Prepared
  • Biden White House says children’s covid jab program will be “fully operational” by November 8, mass child sacrifices to commence
  • Satan Trying to Take More Ground!!–Biden is slammed for plan to fine businesses up to $14,000 for EACH unvaccinated worker: Retailers warn of staff shortages over holidays and GOP says ‘no one should have to choose between vaccine and putting food on table’
  • BREAKING: Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals issues emergency halt to Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate
  • Beware of Donald Trump and Truth Social–Donald Trump’s Social Media is Interlocked with Google–Trump’s New Social Media Platform Blocks Gab and Brighteon–The Azar-Fauci-Trump coronavirus pandemic fiat on Jan. 31, 2020 was based on HHS fraud
  • Donald Trump in Bed with Satan, Blackrock and Vanguard etc

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 11-8-21

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