Emergency Freedom Alerts: 11-2-20-Part 3

Table of Contents:

  • Track and Trace: DNA Harvested from Coronavirus Tests to be Kept for “National Security” – UK Parliament
  • Macron Orders France Under De Facto House Arrest Following Germany With New Lockdown Orders
  • The New Normal!!: Police commissioner says officers WILL break up Christmas dinners if families flout lockdown rules
  • An Open Letter to Christians and Christian Leaders
  • Listener Comment About “The Kingsmen” Movie–Predictive Programming?
  • Occult “Creative Destruction” Drives Lockdown
  • Trump and the Noahide Law Agenda for Elections—Jewish Sanhedrin Praying for Trump Victory
  • MAGA in Latin Means The Word ‘Witch’
  • MAGA: Irish Ruler Goddess–First Lady of the Red Branch–A daughter of Aengus the Love God
  • See Scott Johnson’s Teachings:
  • The “Sacred Name” & Hebrew Roots Movement Exposed
  • The Sabbath – Hebrew Roots/Christian Zionism Warning series
  • The Law & the Sabbath Hebrew Roots/Christian Zionism Warning
  • Hebrew Roots/Messianic Christian Zionism Warning
  • The HEXagram, the Mark of the Beast & the Hebrew Roots Connection
  • The Blasphemous Talmud and the Hebrew Roots Movement/Messianic Jews/Christian Zionists
  • Sabbath vs. Sunday Worship

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 11-2-20

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