Emergency Freedom Alerts: 10-5-20-Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • Listener Comment: This is the reply from my friend who sent a twitter about the hotel workers seeing “thugs” occupying numerous hotels around America
  • Soros-Funded Coalition Plans to Unleash Election Day Chaos That Could Far Surpass Floyd Protests
  • BP, DHS and Locals Are All Saying the Same Thing—A Silent Invasion is Occurring
  • Former Law Enforcement Officer Death Bed Confession: We are Coming for You America & How They Are Gelding the Men of America
  • How to Naturally Increase Testosterone and Decrease Estrogen levels in Men
  • Chemical Gender Manipulation: Turning boys into girls. Warning: This article is not politically correct
  • 8 Ways Society is Feminizing the Human Male
  • Seven ways to naturally boost DHT levels for maximum testosterone health
  • The Age of the Microchip is HERE: DARPA Biochip to ‘Save’ Us from COVID Can Control Human DNA
  • Dr. Roberto Petrella Regarding the Coming C-o-v-i-d-19 S-h-o-t: ‘It is Going to Be the Most Terrible V-a-c-c-i-n-e of All’ — Lasted One Minute on YouTube
  • President Trump Supporting Gving Billions to Bill & Melinda Gates’ Vaccine Alliance, Gavi

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alert 10-5-20

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