Emergency Freedom Alerts: 10-23-23-Part 2

Table of Contents:

  • Karen Kingston Breaks Silence: Government Using Hidden Tech To Terrorize People
  • This Happens In The Unseen World When You Sleep With Someone
  • How To Pass From Curse to Blessing & Self Deliverance
  • A Biblical Look at Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage–Excellent Biblically Based Books!!!–Dr. Scott Johnson
  • The RISE of Anti-Christ | Bethel — Brian Simmons’ Blasphemous Passion bible Translation—Bill Johnson – A Christian’s Reaction!
  • End Time Current Events: 11-30-14 — Part 2 By Scott Johnson | Table of Contents: Harper Collins and the Duck Commander NKJV version of the Bible / Duck Dynasty Warning – PUBLISHER OF N.I.V. ALSO PUBLISHES “SATANIC BIBLE – NKJV and Lucis Trust: Ready For One World Church
    – Lucis Trust, Alice Bailey, World Goodwill and the False Light of the World
    – Listener Feedback Regarding: The Feminine god Mother Divinity and the Unholy Trinity — Shekinah Glory Cult prevalent among different apostate sects of Christianity & Judiasim – Shekinah: The doctrine that the Holy Spirit is female!!
  • End Time Current Events: 7-15-12–Part 3 By Dr. Scott Johnson | “SHEkinah Glory” Blasphemy–The doctrine that teaches the Holy Spirit is female – “The Divine Feminine”!! Jack Hyles, David Stewart and Mormon Warnings

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 10-23-23

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