Emergency Freedom Alerts: 10-23-23-Part 1

Table of Contents:

  • Updated Group Prayer–List of Current Event Prayer Points–Part 2
  • Top Headlines—WW3 Appears Close
  • Six steps that could see the Gaza crisis spiral into WW3
  • Islam Has Massacred Over 669+ Million Non-Muslims Since 622AD–In fact, no ideology has been as genocidal as Islam…
  • Exclusive Report Of Hamas Video On How They (And Really All Muslims Being True to the Islamic Quran) Plan To Attack America?
  • End Time Current Events-3-25-19-Part 3 By Scott Johnson |From the womb Muslims are taught nothing but hate and to kill the infidel (non-believers of Islam) and to be a martyr for Allah, which will they believe will secure them their 72 virgins and 28 white skin boys in paradise
  • Why Does The Mainstream Media Purposely Ignore Mass Killings Of Christians Across The Globe?
  • Thousands of Christians Slaughtered by Muslims and the Mainstream Media Totally Silent
  • How much actual land does Israel occupy?
  • The U.N. must be freaking out about now! This, from the son of the founder of Hamas!…This was all declared at a recent U.N. gathering.
  • Hamas (Which is just nothing more than an extension of true Islam) Tortures Families For Fun!
  • Day of Muslim rage: Anti-Israel protests spread around the world with Hamas supporters calling for suicide bombers to hit Tel Aviv and US and UK flags burned as global fury over Gaza erupts once more 

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 10-23-23

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