Emergency Freedom Alerts: 1-1-24-Part 3

Table of Contents:

  • Something STRANGE is Happening with the US Dollar In Mexico!
  • Iran and Russia Officially Ditch Dollar–The sanctioned countries have agreed to trade in their national currencies!
  • How many of you were scammed by feeling the only way to make money is by paying for a college degree? They Are Making Changes to Accommodate all the Illegals Pouring in!
  • 10 Hour BLACKOUTS Being PERMANENTLY Tested in South Africa to “Conserve Electricity”
  • A Lead Headline on the Internet Reads: EXCLUSIVE’ The beginning of the end’: The preppers who fear global meltdown in 2024 caused by ‘perfect storm’ of war, soaring costs of living and the migrant crisis – plus a presidential election which threatens to tear America in half
  • What Does the Bible Have to Say About the Skyrocking End Times Food Prices–Preparation Regarding the End-times
  • “They” are Admitting Alarming Viral Levels Detected in US Water Supply–CDC releases nationwide data revealing surging levels of newest COVID scamdemic strain in the US water supply
  • Invive Mild Silver Protein: The Ultimate Immune System Product For Colds, Flu’s and Infections. For More Information visit: Dr-Johnson.com
  • Now when it comes to water filter pitchers, the ONLY company that clearly states it does NOT use aluminum in their filter AND can remove fluoride is Clearly Filtered–98% removal!!
  • Listener Comment Water Filter Recommendation

PDF: Emergency Freedom Alerts 1-1-24

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