Disney Exposed!-Part 5
Disney is straight out of the pits of Hell—promoting horoscopes, lewdness, sensual dirty dancing, Rock ‘N’ Roll, mini-skirts, immodest fashion shows, half-dressed girls, rebellion, disobedience to parents, New Age, pedophilia, feminism, liberalism, Godlessness, a false gospel, heathendom, nightclub life, Rap House music, nudity, lasciviousness, ingratitude, sinful pride, worldliness, arrogance, selfishness, sexual perversion, self-righteousness, self-centeredness, witchcraft, demonism, evolution, imprudence, premarital sex (fornication), lewdness, homosexuality, dirty-mindedness, and nearly every other form of evil imaginable. Walt Disney himself was a 33rd degree Freemason. Since 1991, gay men and lesbians from around the world have converged in and around Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida for an entire weekend of exciting events centered around area theme parks and attractions. Gay Day Orlando attendance has grown considerably, attracting more than 100,000 gay men, lesbians & bisexuals. With the cheerful strains of classic Disney music playing in the background, mainstream families with little children are subjected to seeing throngs of homosexuals wearing red T-shirts that proclaim: “A day of magic … a night of pleasure.” Throughout the day within Disney’s Magic Kingdom, they can be seen fondling each other, groping each other, engaged in open-mouth kissing, group urination in public restrooms – and worse. Within 15 minutes of the opening scene, viewers of Walt Disney’s movie interpetation of C.S. Lewis’ NARNIA, are face to face with Pan, the pagan fertility/sex god which Wiccan witches worship and adore worldwide.

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