Churches Fleecing the Flock With ATM’s: Automatic Tithing Machines!!

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We will start this teaching by going over a couple of email exchanges I recently had. The second exchange deals with a debate I had with a nudist who tried to justify her actions as Biblical. Then we will cover the newest trend in Churches: ATM’s (referred to as Automatic Tithing Machines!!) These are also being referred to as the “Next Generation Collection Plates”. The pastor interviewed said it helped the church to increase its collection $money$ by 18% which has really helped “BUSINESS” at this 501c3, government/IRS controlled, corporate church. Next we will look at Tim LaHaye’s newest video game called “Left Behind-Eternal Forces”. In the game you either kill or convert the unsaved at gunpoint, but don’t worry if you have to kill as you can click on the “Spiritual Prayer Icon” to get your spiritual points back! Next we will look at the whole motivation behind the media promoting the “Alien Agenda”.

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