‘Bloodline’ & ‘DaVinci Code’ – Attack On Jesus Christ-Part 2

‘Bloodline’ & ‘DaVinci Code’ – Attack On Jesus Christ-Part 2

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In May, 2008, another documentary picture is going to start showing in movie theaters designed to sow doubt in people’s minds that Jesus truly was Divine and that He remained unmarried until His death. This movie even goes so far as to call the facts of Jesus a ‘LIE’. As will be demonstrated, the peoples of the world need to become convinced in vast numbers that Jesus’ claims to be God and to be the unique Savior of the World before Antichrist can arise.

The storyline of this documentary is distressingly similar to the Da Vinci Code, which sought to prove that Jesus did not really die, but escaped from the tomb, got into the village, married Mary Magdalene, and had children by her. Then, as the Christian Church was exploding in popularity, Jesus was killed, forcing Mary Magdalene to flee with the help of friends to what is today called, ‘Normandy, France’. Mary was pregnant at the time she fled and delivered a baby girl shortly after arriving in Normandy. In due time, this daughter of Mary/Jesus married a Merovingian Prince, thus supposedly linking the bloodline of the Merovingian family and Jesus Christ.

Why is this story line important? It is important because Antichrist must prove his lineage back to King David if he is to convince the Jews and the other peoples of the world that he is the Jewish Messiah. Old Testament prophecy clearly states that Messiah will come from the House of David, which is why the Bible contains Matthew, Chapter 1, proving Jesus’ lineage back to King David. We know that Antichrist somehow will have to be able to ‘prove’ his lineage back to David.

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