Biblical Sexual Prohibitions

In this teaching we will be looking at a subject that is rarely (if ever) preached on in modern day churches: The sexual prohibitions outlined in Leviticus 18 &20. This is a very important study and especially needed by Christians in the day and time we live in. Truly much of the Body of Christ is being destroyed for lack of knowledge due to NOT knowing the material covered in this teaching. Unfortunately there are many things that modern day Christians are doing (many times unknowingly) that are affecting them adversely in both a spiritual and physical way. Much of what we will get into was common knowledge 100 years ago but has been slowly repressed since then. We will look at the shocking WHOLE definitions of sodomy, fornication and intercourse and also the New Testament text some use to justify any sexual action regarding the marriage bed. We will also see how Biblically these types of sins defile a person in a way that other sins do not.

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