Zeitgeist Movie Rebuttal to Its Attack on Jesus Christ-Part 3

The first 37 minutes of the Zeitgeist movie is one of the most ludicrous, damnable, unbiblical deceptions that Satan has ever concocted. This movie takes some (mostly inaccurate, easily refutable) pagan history and tries to apply it to Jesus Christ. Satan is the great counterfeiter and now he is attempting to portray Jesus as just one more pagan deity that Catholicism repackaged into pseudo Christianity around 318 AD by the first Pope Constantine. The purpose of this article is to address the first theory (out of four) put forth in the movie – that Jesus is a mythological amalgamation of various pagan gods and deities that were invented by the Egyptians, Catholics and other cultures. The allegations concerning Jesus Christ in the Zeitgeist movie can be summarized as follows: The Jesus proclaimed in the Bible is not a historical person, and in fact He never even existed; unbelievably asserting that the Jesus Christ found in the pages of the New Testament gospels is an invention of the Biblical authors who painstakingly copied attributes of ancient pagan deities and created a new god to be worshipped. Further, the movie asserts that astrology is the foundation behind much of the writing in Scripture. The end conclusion is that Christianity is a myth just as all the pagan religions that came before it and therefore is untrue. All these blasphemous theories are thoroughly refuted in this teaching. Please reference the free PDF on this webpage for the rebuttal documentation.

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PDF: Zeitgeist Movie Rebuttal to Its Attack on Jesus Christ