US Hate Crimes Legislation Will Outlaw the Bible

In this study we will start out by giving a brief update on the Middle East/Iran situation leading up to WWIII. Israel’s government has announced to its people: To ready themselves for “All-out war”. Next we will take an in depth look at the impending American Hates Crimes legislation. We will see that if these bills are implemented: 1) Our freedom of speech in America will be gone for good 2) That ultimately the Bible will have to be outlawed as hate speech 3) How any remark (Biblical or non-Biblical) construed as a hate speech, could equal a 23-26.5 year prison sentence 4) That if a court finds out that your pastor’s preaching led to someone committing a ‘hate crime’, he could be charged as a conspirator to this ‘hate crime’ . Recently in Maine ham steak was placed on a table where Muslims were sitting, this in turn is being treated as a serious hate crime, but conversely and hypocritically it is OK for Muslims in America to threaten to kill, maim and behead on behalf of their Moon god Allah. Will then look at how all this ties in the Untied Nations objectives of creating a “climate of prevention” worldwide and why ultimately Biblical Christianity will become the main target of their agenda. Lastly we will take a shocking look at Rick Warren and the ‘Emerging Church’ movement and see how this is truly Satan’s greatest tool for leading the pseudo-Christians into apostasy & the anti-Christ’s rule.

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