US Churches Now Part of FEMA & Homeland Security Initiatives

In this teaching we will first update you on the impending crisis in the Middle East relating to both the impending war between the Israel and the Islamic nations and the ever escalating situation regarding the US and Iran. We will see how the highest ranking Freemason of the 1800’s (Albert Pike), demonically prophesized on 1/22/1870 that three world wars would be needed in order to establish the New World Order; & the last of these world wars would be between Judaism and Islam. Now this was in 1870 which was decades before the nation of Israel even existed. We will then take a comprehensive look at the state of America and its churches to confirm why this nation has fallen into such depravity. To this end will then be documenting how the 501-c-3 Churches in the US are now part of Homeland Security according to legislation enacted on 3/7/06, signed by Pres. Bush; & the secret FEMA plan to use pastors of 501-c-3 churches as pacifiers (to their congregations) in preparations for Martial Law (which will be the lynch pin in the US for seizure of guns, property, forced inoculations, forced relocation/imprisonment, etc.). We will then look at the 30 ways that the IRS tries to control preachers and churches in America via their 501-c-3 tax-exempt, corporate status granted to them by the government. We will end by reviewing a recent article entitled “Christians duty to know how donations are used.”

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