Transhumanism, Vaccinations, DNA and Corrupting the Seed of Mankind-Part 1

Transhumanism, Vaccinations, DNA and Corrupting the Seed of Mankind-Part 1

Transhumanism advocate Natasha Vita-More (MSc, MPhil, PhD Candidate) states “A transhuman is a human in transition. We are transhuman to the extent that we seek to become posthuman and take action to prepare for a posthuman future. She goes on to state: Whether it is the shingles or the flu, the proactive development of molecular agents, such as nanorobots, to combat these and other protagonist viruses is the right thing to do…building a strong defense through nanomedicine to combat viruses is a worthy undertaking.”

Christian author Sharon Gilbert states: “Transhumanism, also known as the H+ movement envisions a higher lifeform surpassing homo sapiens in favor of homo sapiens 2.0, a bioengineered construct that fuses man’s original genome with animal and/or synthetic DNA. For decades, laboratories have created chimeric combinations of animal, plant, and even human DNA under the guise of medical research. The stated goal is to better man’s lot by curing disease, but this benign mask hides an inner, sardonic grin that follows an ancient blueprint to blend God’s human creation with the seed of fallen angels: ‘You shall be as gods’. I warn of a day when true humans may unknowingly receive transhuman instructions via an implant or injection. A seemingly innocuous vaccine or identification ‘chip’ can initiate intracellular changes, not only in somatic or ‘body’ cells but also in germline cells such as ova and sperm. The former alters the recipient only; the latter alters the recipient’s doomed descendents as well.”

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