Transhumanism, DNA, Vaccinations, the Flu Epidemic and Proactive Health Measures:1-13-13–Part 1

Table of Contents:

  • The U.S. National Intelligence Council Now Says Humans Will Become Superhuman Cyborgs Over Next Two Decades, Function Wirelessly Via Machine Integration And Biometric Hand Scanning
  • Android phone application that facilitates you performing necromancy from your smart phone
  • Watch “Verizon Commercial – Droid DNA “Hyper Intelligence””
  • Transhumanism, Vaccinations, DNA and Corrupting the Seed of Mankind
  • U.S. Flu: It’s an epidemic and spreading
  • Chicago Hospitals Turn Away Ambulances…
  • Big Brother Pharma Propaganda: Flu Spike: Here’s How to Stop It
  • No room at Hospitals…
  • Visitor restrictions in ‘epicenter’ of outbreak…
  • CDC Estimates Over 200,000 Will Be Hospitalized in 2013 Due to H3N2 Influenza Outbreak
  • Global Flu Pandemic ‘Inevitable,’ Expert Warns
  • Scott Johnson’s Presentation: Avian Flu/Pandemics: What to Expect & How to Prepare

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PDF: Transhumanism-DNA-Vaccination-DNA-Health Supplements