The Twilight Series Exposed!-Part 2

The Twilight Series Exposed!-Part 2
4/12/3009 & 4/19/2009

The Twilight Saga is a series of novels by Stephenie Meyer describing an illicit romance between a teenage girl and a vampire. The four books have sold more than 17 million copies, been translated into 20 languages, and spun off a new movie that grossed $70 million in its first week. Twilight has become a pop culture phenomenon hotter than Pottermania, promoting midnight release parties and vampire proms, obsessed fans called Twi-hards, and spawning more than 350 fan sites online that claim more than 100 million hits.

The series is about a sophomore teenage girl named Bella who moves to a new town and falls in love with a vampire named Edward. Though 108 years old, he appears to be 17. The story is about their infatuation for each other and the consequences of a lustful vampire/mortal romance. Edward is a member of a “coven” of vampire family members that are depicted as “good.” The shocker is that many Christians are attracted to this spiritually dysfunctional romance and are attempting to give Christian applications to its demonic premise.

No matter how resplendent the “vampire” is portrayed in mythology and fiction, in Scripture blood drinking and creatures of darkness are judged as despicable by God.

The Twilight books and movie have been recommended by the Christian Stay at Home Moms website, Focus on the Family’s Plugged In Online,, and Campus Life’s Ignite Your Faith Christian teen magazine.

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