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In this teaching will be examining the much talked about (Oprah, Larry King, etc.) heresy called “The Secret”. Beyond any cursory look at “The Secret”, most discerning Christians will quickly identify this as just one more new age philosophy repackaged to maximally appeal to the masses. This Gnostic doctrine is really just “White Witchcraft” combined with Norman Vincent Peale’s “The Power of Positive Thinking” and the modern day wealth and prosperity preachers “Name it and Claim it”. It’s a sad state of affairs when the secular world is finally catching up to apostate church practices that have been going on for decades. The subtle message of “The Secret” (as well as most of the prosperity preachers) is that if you’re poor, sad, unhealthy, etc., then it must be your own fault because you have let your own thoughts lead you to this existence. We will also be looking at a little known teaching entitled “What ‘The Secret’ doesn’t tell you about ‘The Secret’”, which is yet one more carrot that Satan is dangling in front of the masses that embrace this heresy. This is truly yet one more significant part of the end time delusion that the Bible clearly predicted.

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