The Real ID, the Implantable Microchip and the Mark of the Beast

In this teaching I will be answering the following
questions submitted by a listener named Craig:
1) Is the Real ID the mark or is it just the first
step to the mark?
2) Is the implantable chip the mark or is it the
second step to the mark?
3) Will tattoos have something to do with the mark
of Revelation 13?
4) Is the Greek word ‘charagma’ referring to a
tattoo? would a tattoo be an etching in the skin?
5) Could the mark be all of these combined into one
6) Does the past i.e., Domitian and Nero’s rule or
the holocaust, tell us anything about the coming mark
of the Beast?
7) If the mark is a tattoo will it be a number
(666), some new age design, some witchcraft
cabbalistic design or will it be something everyone
probably will recognize already?
8) Does the Pope issue this mark to the people
according to Revelation 13?

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PDF: Mark of the Beast-Implantable Microchip RFID