The Planned Destruction of America

In this teaching will first be looking at the impending signs of a potential overthrow of America by the ruling elite through their high powered, shadow organizations and puppet politicians. For the purpose of this study we will be looking at recent publication by the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) which calls for the termination of U.S. sovereignty and an overthrow of the America. We will see how the illegal alien invasion has been set up (by design) to help foster the implementation of the North American Union which will erase our borders with Canada and Mexico creating a merged super region. These globalists are also planning to divide the world into ten regions which lines up the Biblical predictions of 10 ruling kingdoms during the rule of the Anti-Christ. We will then see how IBM and the Verichip Corporation are working together to bring about the full implementation of the implantable microchip via the Digital Angel technology. Lastly we will be looking at a disturbing group of youngsters known as “Indigo Children”. These children purportedly have special, psychic, occult, paranormal abilities & are being prophesied by many New Agers, to be the coming saviors of the world. When will then see Biblically how this demonic trend relates to the seed of mankind being corrupted.

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