The One World Religious Convergence

The Catholic pope is currently very concerned about the mass exodus of members that is happening to the Catholic region in some countries. Currently the pope cannot authorize a mass inquisition and burn the Bible believers at the stake, as that would be bad publicity. So what is their weapon of choice? Cardinal Walter Kasper, head of the Vatican office of relations with other Christians, recommended a redoubling of their present strategy: “…ecumenism is not an option but an obligation.” This “ecumenism” is now the pope’s effort to draw all religions, including Protestants and true Christians, under his control. Along these lines in a major development, 138 leaders from the five largest Islamic denominations have signed a document declaring a desire to work together with the pope and other western “Christians” toward peace in the world. Also since Joseph Smith founded Mormonism, many changes have been made to make it look more Christian. As recent as 1978, Mormon leaders eliminated the ban on black men in their priesthood. Mormon leaders officially renounced polygamy in 1890. In 1996, Mormon leaders reworked the official logo to put more emphasis on Jesus Christ in their name. Presidential candidate Mitt Romney attempted to look more “Christian” by stating: “I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the Savior of mankind.” But you can’t have it both ways Mitt; you cannot bow the knee to Baal (in this case the cult of Mormonism) and Jesus Christ.

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