The North American Union Steamroller

The North American Union Steamroller

This teaching will primarily focus on the impending formation of the “North American Union” (NAU). Relating to this subject is the formation a brand new currency called the “Amero” which is slated to replace the dollar when the NAU is fully implemented in 2010. This will also mark the end of U.S. sovereignty as America’s borders will be essentially erased so we can be joined to Mexico and Canada. As we will see from several reputable sources, this information is fact not fiction.

We will also be revealing the plans behind the “Trans-Texas Corridor” & the “North American Super Corridor “(NASCO). We will also be learning how the “Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America” (SPP) was formed to bring much of these draconian measures to pass. This whole scenario will most likely be the last nail in the coffin for the middle class of America, as illegal aliens will no longer be illegal and much of our American work force will become totally obsolete in favor of lower cost labor. Currently President Bush has decided that tens of thousands of Mexican trucks and truckers should be allowed into our country in order to compete against our American Truckers. In less than 3 weeks, they will cross into this country with our President’s blessing and what many are doing to protest this in the U.S. We will also be covering the coming One World Currency called the “Phoenix”.

Lastly we we will be focusing on the recent Hate Crimes legislations to be enacted.

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