The National ID & The Mark of the Beast

The National ID & The Mark of the Beast-Part 1

Regarding the question of whether the National ID card is the ‘Mark of the Beast’; by analyzing the verses in Revelation that pertain to the ‘Mark of the Beast’ (which we will do in this audio study) it seems apparent that the ‘mark’ will have to be received in ones forehead or hand but nevertheless I do not recommend getting the National ID card. It seems that the ‘mark’ will be connected to the name of the beast, or the number of his name but the actual ‘mark’ is the thing that is consistently emphasized if we examine the verses in Revelation. Now another condition of the mark would be that you will not be able to buy or sell without it and in the US (at least initially)this condition would not apply to the National ID card. Also looking at these verses in Revelation the taking of the ‘mark’ occurs during the 7 year tribulation and not before it. In light of this the anti-Christ will have to be the world ruler before the ‘mark’ can be implemented and we know from Revelation and Daniel that this takes place during the 7 year tribulation. We will also be looking at the US National ID card in depth and how Homeland Security via Michael Chertoff is aggressively pursuing its implementation. Real ID Act/National ID Will Enslave America–Take Proactive Measures

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PDF: Mark of the Beast-Implantable Microchip RFID