The Masonic History of George Washington

This teaching will start by giving a detailed, historical, documented, freemasonic chronology of the first US President George Washington. (Please view the PDF above in totality before you dismiss this material.) The evidence is absolutely overwhelming. You cannot bow the knee to Baal (Freemasonry)and God (Bible believing Christianity). No man can serve two masters. Ask yourself if it is possible for Washington’s Christian testimony to UNDO all this evidence. We will be examining the 333 foot “George Washington Masonic Memorial” in Alexandria, Virginia, which houses a large part of his personal Masonic regalia. We will see how the Masonic religion is one of the closest modern day examples we have to the ancient Babylonian Mystery religions. We will then explore some of the blasphemous, hidden symbology of the Masons like the Square and Compass, the Luciferian meanings of the symbols on the one dollar bill and the lambskin aprons they wear. Then we will explore the shocking, true meaning of the Triquetra symbol that appears on the cover of the New King James Bible. We will then hear some sounds clips of Benny Hinn cursing all those that would oppose his demonic ministry and see how he has mastered the art of “hypnotic Induction” to deceive his deluded followers. Lastly we will explore the subject of persecution and the Christianity.

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PDF: George Washington Modified