The Martial Arts Exposed-Part 2

The Martial Arts Exposed-Part 2

The Martial Arts have a unique, unusual & unfortunately occult history. Karate was handed down centuries ago from Zen Master to Buddhist monk by word of mouth, and always in strict secrecy. Even today, everything done in karate can be tracked back to some principle of Zen Buddhism. An Indian Buddhist priest named Bodhidharma in the 6th century A.D. in China, synthesized karate techniques and Yoga meditation in order to unite mind, spirit, and body. (Among the Chinese styles are kung fu or gung fu, wu shu, and pa kua. Tai kwan do and hapkido are among the Korean styles.)

Karate is clearly a mental and moral exercise, indeed, a spiritual experience. In each practice session there is a concerted effort to unite mind, spirit, and body just as Bodhidharma sought to do with Zen priests.

Please bear in mind that much of this teaching is not my words but the words of experts who are explaining what the history and current teachings of Martial Arts are. This is not biased research as these men are the very ones promoting this martial art. The evidence speaks for itself and as you will see is overwhelming in regard to the contradiction this martial art (as is true of most) presents to a Bible believing Christian.

It is not my intention to attack any individual or to hinder the work of the Lord in any way shape or form. Actually my goal is quite the opposite and this lines up with the Biblical tenet that the truth shall set you free. I ask myself that if I were being deceived would I want someone to come to me and tell me the truth or would it be better for me to remain in the deception and be destroyed for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6).

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