The Lure of New Age and Scientology


We will start of this teaching by looking at a recent Last Trumpet Newsletter and the possibility of various end time, predicted pestilences in our near future. Whether is be from a bird flu pandemic or the unimaginable damage that ‘Depleted Uranium’ (used in the Iraq war) has already caused, Jesus warned of these types of events in the end times. We will be seeing how Pres. Bush has been given the absolute dictatorial powers of torture (just to mention one power) over Americans and how Bible believing, Constitution abiding, Christians can actually be put under the classification of a terrorist. There has even been an FBI brochure released to verify this. Then we will do a brief study on the highest ranking family in the illuminati: The Rothschild’s. This family established the modern day banking system as we know it and systemically funded virtually both sides of every war since their rise to power. We will also be looking at the group called “Scholars for 911 Truth”. We will also be looking at the monetary & spiritual seduction of the New Age and Scientology that is permeating the natural health care field; while the Medical field uses pharmaceuticals in a vain attempt to drug our bodies into good health.

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