The King James Bible, its Translators & King James the I of England Defended

Table of Contents:

  • ABOUT King James VI & I AKA: King James I of England, King James VI of Scotland, James Charles Stuart
  • King James I and Papal Opposition King James and his translators were no a “closet” Catholics–This study includes excerpts of King James’ and the translators own writings
  • “What about the translations of the Bible that existed before the Authorized Version of 1611? what is to be made of them?” (The King James translators themselves answer the question.
  • The Translators of the King James Bible (a group of linguists unlike the world has ever known)
  • Transcription of the Gunpowder Plot Trial Roman Catholics tried to kill King James I . Taken from Collection of State Trials.
  • The Mayflower Compact King James I was founding monarch of the first successful colonies in America.
  • Insult to Indictment The critical case against King James VI & I examined
  • Did King James I Burn Baptists?
  • King James and the Puritans
  • KJV-The Apocryphal Books & Inspiration
  • One World Bible for One World Religion
  • The “KJV Translated by Sir Francis Bacon” Lie Exposed
  • Reasons for Accepting the KJV as God’s Preserved Word
  • King James “The VI of Scotland” & “The I of England” Unjustly Accused? Homosexual Allegations Against King James Refuted
  • Who were the King James Version Translators?

PDF: KJV-King James Defended

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