The Horrific Story of a Roman Catholic Cloistered Nun–Sister Charletta and The Black Veil

The testimony of Sister Charlotte is disturbing and shocking, but provides important insights into the worst of convent life as well as the dynamics of Romanism. It testifies with others such as “Maria Monk” and “The Martyr in Black The Life Story of Sister Justina” as well as the testimonies of former priests such as Chiniquy (The Priest, the Woman and the Confessional), Fresenborg (Thirty Years in Hell), and Hogan (Auricular Confession and Popish Nunneries). Sis. Charlotte’s testimony seems incredible but only because most people do not know the history of the Romish religion. This testimony was taken from a cassette tape recording of Sister Charlotte giving her testimony in a Christian gathering. Sources have told us that Charlotte was born in 1898, and entered the convent in approximately the year of 1910. She experienced salvation in 1945, and began giving this testimony in the next few years following her conversion throughout the United States and Canada. At the introduction the Pastor indicates she mysteriously disappeared 2 years after this testimony was given and was never heard from again.

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