The Dollar’s Decline All By Design

The Dollar’s Decline All By Design

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Global banking leaders confirms what many ‘in the know’ have been saying for years, i.e., that a severe crisis will be needed in order to allow America & the world to move into a global currency and global economy. This teaching further demonstrates that the decline of the American Dollar is planned and necessary in order to bring about the implementation of the North American Union & its currency called the Amero.

In the recent article entitled “One World, One Money – (By Carl Teichrib, Chief Editor, Forcing Change News) it is stated: “A global economy requires a global currency.” — Paul Volcker, former Chair of the US Federal Reserve. Another quote reads: “If you want a single world currency, it requires an international banking structure armed with a monetary policy on a planetary scale. Essentially, the requirement for a single global currency is a bank that has power over all countries, kindred, and tongues … the idea of a single global currency has been quietly batted around in banking and economist circles since the closing days of the Second World War. Over the years this call has increased in intensity … In 2007, the Council on Foreign Relations propelled the idea of a planet-wide currency restructuring by publishing an article in it journal, Foreign Affairs, titled “The End of National Currency.” [Note: on the cover of this Foreign Affairs issue, the article is titled “One World, Too Many Monies.”] We will also be looking at how the recent rate cuts by the fed relates to this subject and an announcement by the new British Prime Minister to leaders of the world, stating that the time has now arrived for governments and economic institutions to go global!

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PDF: Dollar Collapsing-New World Reserve Currency-G-20 & Proactive Spiritual and Physical Measures