The Deception of Christian Ghostwriting

The “Reverend” Mel White is a homosexual activist (& Co-founder of Soulforce-a proactive gay agenda group) who lives with his male lover, Gary Nixon, in Dallas, Texas. ‘I am gay, I am proud, and God loves me without reservation,’ White recently told David Calker, a Los Angeles Times reporter. White, who ‘pastors’ a militantly gay church, is also a writer of many Christian books. But though he’s the author, his name doesn’t appear on the front covers. Instead, a Christian celebrity’s name appears on each of Mel White’s books. White is what the book industry fondly calls a ‘ghostwriter.’ “Rev.” White has written speeches for Lt. Col. Oliver North & also authored at least two of evangelist Jerry Falwell’s books, including, unbelievable as it may seem, Falwell’s autobiography, Strength for the Journey. Falwell could well afford White’s fee to ghostwrite his books. The Moral Majority preacher was given a one million dollar advance by the publisher! The Reverend Mr. White has also been the secret force behind some of Billy Graham’s best known books, including Graham’s prophetic bestseller, The Approaching Hoofbeats. Readers pay exorbitant prices for the books of Christian superstars, never knowing that the volumes are actually written by no-name ‘ghosts.’ Among the big names pulling this stunt: Hal Lindsey, Chuck Colson, Jim Bakker, Billy Graham, Oral Roberts, Benny Hinn, John Ankerberg, Hank Hanegraaff, David Jeremiah and Jerry Falwell.

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