The Cornuto Hand Sign/El Diablo/Devil’s Horns/Diabolicus/Hook ’em Horns/ I Love you?

We will start off this teaching by going over the much talked about Cornuto sign. The Mano Cornuto or Horned Hand is an ancient symbol used to protect against the evil eye. In Italian, mano means ‘hand’ and corno means ‘horn’. This symbol also represents the Horned God of the Witches. Also called Il Cornuto and Diabolicus, the employment by the elite of the hand sign of the horned devil can actually be tracked all the way back to Babylon. On the great wall of Babylon, adjacent to Ishtar’s Gate, was a mosaic image of a horned bull, representing the sun god. The horns were symbolic of the Babylonian god’s power over the hearts of men. Later, in Imperial Rome, Caesar’s military legions and millions of common people worshipped the sun god, Mithras. Mithraic initiates were baptized in the blood of a horned bull, slain and sacrificed by temple priests. The Knights Templar, predecessor to today Scottish Rite Freemasons, worshiped the grotesque horned goat god, Baphomet. It is believed that many Illuminists continue to sacrifice to this unspeakable deity to this very day. Reportedly, the Illuminati take great delight in seeing the masses adopt their ancient symbol of satanic worship on such a vast scale. We will also explore occultist Helen Keller’s role in the development of the modern day hand sign system for the deaf and how this relates to the Cornuto sign.

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