The Black Awakening & Taking the Offensive-Part 2

In this teaching we will be listening to select audio clips from a recent Steve Quayle/Russ Dizdar interview regarding the coming “Black Awakening” of demonically possessed, mind controlled “Satanic Super Soldiers”/”Chosen Ones” who are highly adept in the black arts/witchcraft and take their religion very, very seriously. They will be “triggered” at some future date to bring about as much havoc and chaos as possible to usher in the reign of the Antichrist/New World Order. This is also the motto of the 33rd Freemason which is “Order out of Chaos” with a double headed eagle as its symbol (see picture to the left). Interestingly the double headed eagle (Also the Serbian Crest) has also recently been seen on privatized police vehicles in Harden Montana (see picture on the left). More importantly we will be discussing the spiritual weapons of a Christians warfare against this wickedness.

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