Ted Haggard’s Predetermined Fall and the Planned Discrediting of Christianity

In this teaching we will first be looking at the recent Ted Haggard scandal regarding his relationship with a gay, male prostitute and reported Methamphetamine use. Ted Haggard subsequently resigned as the president of the 30 MILLION member “National Evangelical Association” and as pastor of “New Life Church”. This type of mainstream media discrediting (although true in this case) is partially by design, so as to associate all Christianity with this demonic behavior pattern to the outside world. Ultimately this is a tool of Satan to cause the unsaved, to stay unsaved due to their apprehension of Christianity; this would be the spiritual equivalent of throwing the baby out with the bath water. These apostate leaders of Christianity have been carefully hand picked by the elite to do their bidding, and when appropriate these leaders are exposed so as to do maximum damage to Christianity. We will also see that if you elect to be a member of one of these demonic churches how it will affect you spiritually in an adverse way; as if the head be sick, the whole body will also be sick and if the blind leadeth the blind, they will both fall into a ditch. We will also be exploring many other subjects in this teaching.

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