Sorceries and Wickedness

Sorceries and Wickedness

First we will be looking at Isaiah 47: 6-11 which closely parallels the indictment given to the luke warm/Laodicean Church of Revelation 3: 14-22. In this portion of Scripture God addresses: “my people”. These people were judged (in part) for their (multitude of sorceries and trusting in their own wickedness) and so will the modern day luke-warm church. The Word of God predicts a very sudden, unexpected judgment on this type of people. The Scriptures explain that this people’s wisdom and knowledge have perverted them; and this is why it is so important what wisdom and knowledge we embrace. A shaking is coming to the body of Christ and we need to be prepared for the day’s ahead and separate ourselves from the Christian pretenders.
This teaching will be primarily examining a recent last Trumpet Newsletter regarding end time prophetic events that are taking place all around us virtually on a daily basis.

We will be looking at the shocking true meaning of the “Holy Grail” and it ties into the emergence of the antichrist.
We will also be looking at the blasphemous way the town of Hell, Michigan celebrated 06/06/06.

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