Shroud of Turin-Biblically Debunked

In this teaching we will update you on more breaking current events regarding Israel and WWIII. From the Syrian buildup on Israel’s border to the Turkish invasion of Iraq, that was totally unreported in the mainstream media this week. We will also look at how Scalar technology is being used to manipulate the weather in a drastic way. You will see how the Catholics are brainwashed (by their apostate clergy hirelings) that they cannot understand the Bible apart from the heretic priests of the Catholic Church. Will then see how the United Methodist Church just re-appointed a former woman “reverend” as a male “reverend”, after she had a sex change. We will then do a detailed study to totally debunk the “Shroud of Turin” Catholic heresy. You will be amazed at how easily this abomination is Biblically proven a hoax. Lastly we will look at Acts 2: 17-21 which is one of the proof texts Pentecostals use to justify women preachers. Even though this portion of Scripture has NOTHING to do with women preachers, you will be amazed at the true meaning of these verses and how the Bible confirms when this portion of Scripture will primarily be fulfilled. We will also look at Deborah and Jael (in the Old Testament) and see why the Lord had to use these woman in the capacity they were used in.

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