Shocking Faith Based Initiative Expose

In this teaching will start off with by listening to an amazing MSNBC interview audio clip (with Keith Olbermann) regarding “Faith Based Initiatives” (F.B.I.) in the US. We will document Carl Rove’s recent, shocking quote regarding F.B.I. and see the contempt and disdain that high-ranking, conservative republicans (as well as the democrats) actually have for the religious right. To them the Christians of America are just a group to be used and duped into advancing there own agenda & ultimately the New World Order. Quite frankly they have done a pretty good job and I’m sure that Satan is well pleased with their efforts and the apathy of the pseudo-Christians of America. At the height of this hypocrisy is Pres. Bush & we will be a taking a good look at the Spiritual fruit of this man and his double minded actions. We will also be looking at how Americans are being totally immersed in occult imagery and yet very few even know this is so. Satan is depending on the population (especially Christians) as a whole to remain totally ignorant of his devices so he can get an advantage on us: See 2 Cor. 2:11. In addition to this we will also explore many end time current events.

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